1st shine conference

(SHINe) CONFERENCE Proceedings

(December 06, 2010)
Hiyas Convention Center, City of Malolos
Province of Bulacan

Organized by the
Provincial Government of Bulacan (PGB)
Department of Education, Division of Bulacan and
Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office (PDRRMO)

In coordination with
Pampanga River Flood Forecasting & Warning Center (PRFFWC) of the
Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration



School Hydrological Information Network or SHINe is a simple school-based program aimed at addressing issues on the effects of climate change, in particular focusing on awareness to hydrolometeorological-related disasters. The activity is one way of supporting the Department of Education’s (DepEd) thrust in its developmental program on the “climate change” enhanced curriculum. This is consistent with the underlying principle that disaster awareness begins in schools.

The program aims to strengthen the community, particularly the school, to cope with disasters such as floods through the school’s regular monitoring of rainfall, river or water level stage (at some areas) and tracking of incoming tropical cyclones path being carriedout at the school’s capacity level. The data monitored are readily provided to the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office (PDRRMO) and the disaster councils at municipal and barangay levels during times of inclement weather condition and thus helping out the community in its disaster preparedness and mitigation activities.

    Program Objectives

  • Enhance the disaster awareness of the school’s populace through its regular hydrological monitoring in effect prevent loss of lives and protect properties.
  • Coordinate and provide timely hydrological information to the PDMO, now PDRRMO, the disaster councils at Municipal and Barangay levels to properly operate the local flood warning system of the province.
  • Develop long-term strategies not only on a provincial level but national as well based on the data and information collected from the network of observations by the SHINe school groups.

Brief of SHINe History:

In 2006, the School Rainfall Observation Network or SRON was conceived by the PRFFWC as a proposed in-line activity to the Community-based Flood Mitigation & Management Program (CBFMMP) of the Province of Bulacan which was also conceived by the former in 2004. Later SRON was renamed to School Hydrological Observation Network (SHON). SHON program plans and activities were prepared but the activity was held-off due to the numerous disaster-related responses that the then Bulacan PDMO had to cope-up with during the period 2007 to early 2008. By last quarter of 2008, SHON was renamed to SHINe and was implemented in 3 high-land situated secondary schools in order to augment the rainfall observations of the CBFMMP. These were at DRT, Akle and J.J.Russell High Schools in DRT, San Ildefonso, and San Miguel towns, respectively.

The program was well accepted at the 3 school areas and by the PGB such that by early quarter of 2009, 6 more secondary schools were selected for implementation: Norzagaray, Binagbag, Taboc, Vedasto Santiago, SJDM, and F.Halili High Schools in Norzagaray, two in Angat, San Miguel, SJDM City, and Sta. Maria towns, respectively.

About mid-year of 2010, OXFAM, an international NGO, recognized the activity as an innovative program and one of the best practice for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Before the end of the year 2010, a comeback visit to the 9 schools was undertaken for reorientation and on December 06, 2010 the first SHINe Conference was successfully held in Hiyas Convention Center, City of Malolos, Bulacan and thus this conference proceeding.

The Bulacan SHINe Group Conference Delegates:

Akle High School, Bgy. Akle, San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Principal: Roman Carreon

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Maricris C. Fernandez 4th President 09268364294 m.fernandez1794@yahoo.com
Diana C. Fernandez 3rd Secretary 09265378668 d.fernandez1895@yahoo.com
Anna Rose Dela Fuente 3rd      
Jeneve L. Balcueva 1st      
Marjorie D. Sorambao 1st 1st Yr Focal Person 09068959032  
Emil P. De Castro 4th Vice President 09264881364 rakixtatah_07@yahoo.com
Jhonnel I. Dela Cruz 2nd    
Alyssa May Angeles 2nd P.R.O 09061998624  
Melinda P Nuñez Adviser Coordinator 09169839246 dhangnunez@yahoo.com

Binagbag High School, Bgy. Binagbag, Angat, Bulacan
Principal: Juan C. Torres

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Gerald H. Quijano 3rd President 09299630633  
Marydel Diane P. De Guzman 2nd   09068504833 ayhana_28@yahoo.com
Irma Jane C. Junio 3rd 3rd Yr Focal Person 09056117967 irmajunio@yahoo.com
Mary Ann S. Lagdaan 2nd 2nd Yr Focal Person 09058308938 maryann_lagdaan@yahoo.com
Nikka S. Fajardo 3rd      
Angela Nicole M. Gonzales 1st 1st Yr Focal Person 09084960492  
Maica Darican C. Cruz 1st    
Bettybell E. Mabonga 4th 4th Yr Focal Person 09052270874 bettybell_09@yahoo.com
Lea P. Capistrano Adviser Coordinator 09205148858 leapelaezcapistrano@yahoo.com

Doña Remedios Trinidad High School, Bgy. Poblacion, DRT, Bulacan
Principal: Ma. Lourdes C. Valondo

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Prescious Rica D. Basay 1st      
Faith Lorraine V. Lopez 1st      
Jasmin Babylyn C. Doti 2nd   09186129320  
Norilyn Barnuevo 1st   09398197447  
Kim Panti 3rd     kim_spangbob09@yahoo.com
Michael Gonzales 3rd   09058372782  
Edith C. Tagoctoc 4th   09263699445 sprinkleedith_3939@yahoo.com
Engel G. Abaquita 4th      
Perlita A. Angeles Adviser Coordinator 09177381949 angelesperlita@yahoo.com

Fortuna F. Halili National Agricultural High School, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Principal: Emmanuel S. Valdez

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
John Ronald S. Concepcion 4th   09183363579 ronald24_clights@yahoo.com
Donna L. Gador 3rd   09056949364 mz.talented_dada06@yahoo.com
JJessa Mae M. Beldad 1st   09291964559 jessabeldad@yahoo.com
Anne Pamela S. Eti 3rd   09265589870 pami_3ti01@yahoo.com
Kris Charry J. Peña 2nd   09068085282 kazzandrakc_08@yahoo.com
Michael Jay L. Antonio 1st      
Eljey H. Llenos 3rd   09087365313 eljeyllenos@ymail.com
Veronica O. Baquillas 4th Secretary 09069420746  
Myrna M. Alingod Adviser Coordinator 09176108189 myrnalingod@yahoo.com
Leilani S. De Guzman Co-Adviser   09063819895 laniedeguzman79@yahoo.com

John J. Russell Memorial High School, Bgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan
Principal: Leonora P. Manalastas

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Ryan Genicto 1st 1st Yr Focal Person    
Donato Libunao Jr. 3rd   09208353120 leziqiel@yahoo.com
Jan Levi M. Nogoy 4th   0909696153 njanlevi@yahoo.com
Jayvee M. Ortega 4th 4th Yr Focal Person 09093952611 o.jayvee@yahoo.com
Ma. Benezar M. Nogoy 1st   09086012408 benezkie@yahoo.com
Colleon Cloie Ann Batac 2nd   09215164715 colleenbatac@rocketmail.com
Roselyn Reyes 2nd 2nd Yr Focal Person 09205959759 rr.president21@yahoo.com
Matthew Agustin Sibug 3rd   09173981026 skyline23_mtthew@yahoo.com
Myra M. Pangilinan Adviser Coordinator 09097788984 myragmaniquiz@yahoo.com

Norzagaray High School, Bgy. Poblacion, Norzagaray, Bulacan
Principal: Liza C. Cruz

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Angel Joy T.De Silva 4th P.R.O. 09155296659 lil.angeljoy16@gmail.com
Rose Ann C. Cunanan 4th Auditor 09268740694  
Irish Latombo 4th President 09265966253 irish_Latombo@yahoo.com
Judeth Pie G. Cubillo 4th   09173802835 moonwalker_M507@yahoo.com
Janine C. Crisostomo 1st   09161111460  
Ace Bonn S. Bernardo 2nd   09165341535 acebonn31@yahoo.com
John Mark Carasig 2nd     juancarasig14@yahoo.com
Nico Mathew H. Sia 4th     nico_Sia@yahoo.com
Reynaldo F. Paed Adviser Coordinator 09157519127 reynaldoPaed@yahoo.com

San Jose del Monte High School, Bgy. Yakal, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan
Principal: Wilma M. Aquino

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Mariane Keith P. Batalla 4th   09305258964 marianekeithbatalla@yahoo.com
Yvonne Rae B. Espinilla 4th   09096968383 byvonnerae@yahoo.com
Camille G. Martinez 3rd   09071164926 zenitram_chocopardx08@yahoo.com
Stella M. Salarda 3rd   09214890728 nightswind_17@yahoo.com
John Carlo T. Yarte 2nd   09172582642 carlo.yarte@yahoo.com
Ace Bonn S. Bernardo 2nd   09165341535 acebonn31@yahoo.com
Lawrence Racel C. David 2nd   09322737628 lawrenceraceldavid@yahoo.com
Alyssa Anne Gellie L. Magos 1st   09214849609 magos.alyssa@yahoo.com
Eduardo V. Canoza   Kagawad 09164340143  
Merlita C. Bautista Adviser     rammherl-kids@yahoo.com

Angat National High School, Bgy. Taboc, Angat, Bulacan
Principal: Mina Gracia

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Shalini G. Sisakumar 4th President 09163053699 shalinisivalcumar@yahoo.com
Anna Katrina G. Isanan 2nd   09057708785 katrinaisanan@yahoo.com
John Marvin S. De Guzman 1st   09398262910 ImeldaDeguzman@yahoo.com
Carlo F. Del Monte 2nd      
Kimberly G. Isanan 3rd   09331106011 kimberlyisanan@yahoo.com
Shairmaine G. Sivakumar 1st   09067231147 sharmaine527@yahoo.com
Erwin L. Tabaco 3rd   09264574813 mr.elto4@yahoo.com
John Paul C. Del Rosario 4th Vice President 09059347200 delrosariojohnpaul@rocketmail.com
Evelyn F. Sta. Maria Adviser Coordinator 09159646535 evelyn_stamaria@yahoo.com

Vedasto R. Santiago High School, Bgy. Salakot, San Miguel, Bulacan
Principal: Cecilia G. Buencamino

Name: Year Position Contact No. E-Mail Address
Shara Mariz M. Mempin 2nd   09122374821 sharamarizmempin.01@gmail.com
Archie M. Valencia 4th   09054904995  
Aileen C. Mores 1st   09106966336 emogurl_Fashionista@yahoo.com
Jholino S.A. Busalpa 2nd   09066765465 jhdinabusalpa@yahoo.com
Charisse Mae S. Singalawa 2nd   09093384193  
Leizl A. Adame 3rd   09094305599 raddict_03MIREL@yahoo.com
Joanna Paula T. Fajardo 3rd   09179292959 joannapajardo08@yahoo.com
Joshua Wilfred D. San Gabriel 2nd   09157855535  
Maricel N. Valdez Adviser Coordinator 09277005555 cellenatz@yahoo.com;

Conference Administrative Staff:
Bulacan PDRRMO

Name: Position E-Mail Address
Felicisima L. Mungcal PDRRMO Executive Officer liz_mungcal@yahoo.com
Raul D. Agustin SOO 1 raul_agustin@yahoo.com.ph
Bryan Cyro Velasco SOO 1 bryancyro@yahoo.com
Bulacan PDRRMO Staff   pdmobulacan566@yahoo.com

PRFFWC, PAGASA representatives

Name: Position E-Mail Address
Hilton T. Hernando Sr. Weather Specialist prffwc_ffb@yahoo.com
Armando P. Taruc Sr. Weather Specialist (Ret)  

The 1st SHINe Conference program was held at the spacious and newly built Hiyas Convention Center, Malolos City. (above pictures).

Conference PROGRAMME
Time Activity Responsible Group / Speaker
PART I – 7:30 am - 8:00 Registration PDRRMO / DepEd
PART II – 8:00 am - 8:30 Invocation PDRRMO
  National Anthem  
PART III – 8:30 am - 9:00 Roll Call Bryan Cyro Velasco, SOO I, PDRRMO
  Welcome Remarks Mr. Jim C. Valerio, Provincial
Administrator & PDRRMC Action
  Message Dr. Edna S. Zerrudo, School
Division Superintendent and
member, PDRRMC
  Message Hon. Daniel R. Fernando,
Provincial Vice Governor
  Message Hon. Wilhemino M. Sy-Alvarado,
Provincial Governor and PDRRMC
PART IV – 9:00 am - 9:30 Presentation on SHINe
Ms. Felicisima L. Mungcal,
Assistant Department Head and
PDRRMC Executive Officer
Break 9:30 am – 10:00    
PART VI 10:00 am - 12:00 Individual School
School SHINe group
Break 12:00 nn – 1:00    
PART VII – 1:00 pm – 5:00 Quiz Bee PRFFWC / PDRRMO / DepEd
  Essay Writing Contest PRFFWC / PDRRMO / DepEd
  SHINe Activity Plans &
Mr. Hilton Hernando, Sr. Weather
Specialist, PRFFWC
  Closing Remarks Mr. Carlo dela Cruz, Education
Program Supervisor, EPP/TLE
  Closing Ceremonies PDRRMO
Masters of Ceremonies: Liz L. Mungcal / Raul D. Agustin

Conference welcome messages:


Provincial Administrator and PDRRMC Action Officer Mr. Jim C. Valerio (left picture) formally opened the event with his welcome remarks to the delegates from the 9 schools in the 1st Bulacan SHINe Conference.

In his remarks, Mr. Valerio was all praised to the SHINe program, being an innovative activity approach on a school level to disaster awareness and preparedness, and as one best practice to DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction). He was quite happy that this program was first introduced in the province of Bulacan. Finally, he vowed that PGB through the PDRRMO will continue to support the various SHINe activities for the continued disaster resiliency of the people of Bulacan.

Hon. Wilhemino M. Sy-Alvarado, Provincial Governor and PDRRMC Chairman (above picture) speaking before the delegates in the SHINe conference. In his message, Governor Alvarado related the importance of cleanliness in the community as a way of addressing the issues on global warming, which is actually one of the major component activity of SHINe on the issues related to Climate Change.

gov and vice

(Left picture) Flanked by the Vice Governor, Hon. Daniel R. Fernando (far left), and some visitors of PGB, Gov. Alvarado stressed also the important role of the youth in community affairs and local governance. The student youths now are obviously the next in-line entrepreneurs and leaders of the country. Likewise, Vice Governor Fernando followed-up on this line with his message on having discipline and perseverance in every undertaking that they intend and plan to do.

(Right picture) Mr. Carlo dela Cruz, Education Program Supervisor, EPP/TLE Agriculture of DepEd represented Ms. Edna S. Zerrudo, School Division Superintendent and PDRRMC member, to the conference event and conveyed the latter’s message to the delegates.

Mr. dela Cruz also formally closed the event by saying that the DepEd division of Bulacan shall be a continued partner to the SHINe program and he encouraged the students to be more vigilant in their observations to be aware and always be prepared during times of inclement weather conditions.


Conference Presentation Links
Main Webpage link: http://bulacanshine.yolasite.com/1st-shine-conference.php

SHINe Program Presentation by Ms. Felicisima L. Mungcal http://bulacanshine.yolasite.com/resources/SHINe%20history.pdf

School SHINe Group presentations links:
Akle High School:
Binagbag High School:
Oral Presentation was made by the school SHINe delegate.
DRT High School:
F.F.Halili National Agricultural School:
J.J.Russell Memorial High School:
Angat National High School:
Norzagaray High School:
San Jose Del Monte High School:
Vedasto R. Santiago High School:

School SHINe Group Presentation Video Links:
Main Webpage link: http://bulacanshine.yolasite.com/1st-shine-conference.php

Akle High School:
Binagbag High School:
DRT High School:
F.F.Halili National Agricultural School:
J.J.Russell Memorial High School:
Angat National High School:
Norzagaray High School:
San Jose Del Monte High School:
Vedasto R. Santiago High School:

School SHINe Group Activity Dynamics – Essay Writing & Quiz Bee

On-the-Spot SHINe Essay Writing
Main Webpage link to view essays of each representative school SHINe delegate: http://bulacanshine.yolasite.com/1st-shine-conference.php

Akle High School essay:
Binagbag High School essay:
DRT High School essay:
F.F.Halili National Agricultural School essay:
J.J.Russell Memorial High School essay:
Angat National High School essay:
Norzagaray High School essay:
San Jose Del Monte High School essay:
Vedasto R. Santiago High School essay:


Representatives from various School SHINe groups (left picture) doing their thing during the on-the-spot essay writing contest in the Bulacan 1st SHINe Conference. The topics were practically related to the SHINe activities in relation to Climate Change. Representatives from DepEd and PGB composed the panel of judges for the said event.

    Criteria used for judging the essays:

    1. Content 40%
    2. structure and organization of the essay 30%
    3. Originality 20%
    4. Overall impact 10%

Results of Essay Writing:
1st Place: San Jose Del Monte high school
2nd Place: John J. Russell Memorial High School
3rd Place: F.F. Halili National Agricultural School

Quiz Bee Contest – a 4-man team per School SHINe group composed of 1 delegate per year level (1st to 4th year). Winners are as per according to highest accumulated points garnered after about 25 questions.

Results of Quiz Bee Contest
1st Place: F.F. Halili National Agricultural School
2nd Place: John J. Russell Memorial High School
3rd Place: Vedasto R. Santiago High School

SHINe Activity Plans and Programs

A workshop on activity planning by each school SHINe group was the main highlight of the conference with various plans and programs for the coming 2 to 3 years for each group. Compiled outputs of each school SHINe group of their planned activities with corresponding planned date/s are as follows:

Plans / Programs / Activities Dates Support Groups Remarks
Angat National High School
Institutionalization of SHINe
program in the school.
June 2011
Principal, Teachers, Science Club,
Yes-O Club, students
For monitoring by
Echo-seminar of SHINe
a. School
b. Community
August and
September 2011
SHINe group,
parents, PDRRMO,
SHINe at Home
August Year
Community members
preferably from
different barangays.
Clean & Green
May 2011
Science and Yes-O
Club, SG Officers, SK
and Barangay
officials, students,
parents, community
DRT High School
Regular Meeting for SHINe
Orientation of SHINe
programs to inform
students about SHINe.
Regular cleaning of rain
Binagbag High School
Audio-video of the School
SHINe program
Barangay Officials
Book on SHINe
F.F.Halili NAHS
Photo Exhibit
Seminar Workshop
Eco Tour
PAGASA, etc.
Tree Planting
Film Showing
Year round
Science Club
Year round
Science Club
J.J.Russell High School
Installation of rain gauges
at selected Barangays.
PDMO, Provicial
Government of
Bulacan, and
Cross-visit to other SHINe
a. Old members
b. Barangays or:
c. PTA of the school
August 2011
SHINe Members,
Parents and
Akle High School
Conduct Seminars to the
Barangay / Students
Barangay officials
Clean & Green program
Every last
Friday of the
Fieldtip (Educational Tour)
November 2011
Teachers, Principal
Sports Activity
(Run for a cause )
December 2011
SJDM High School
River Clean-up
Start & end of
the school year
SSG, Local DENR, the
Community Partneship
January (ASAP)
Barangay Officials
Massive Recruitment of
New Members
Febuary- March
SSG & old members
of the program
Quarterly Seminar
PAGASA & Local
Tree Planting
Every year
Green Hope
Foundation (NGO)
June 2011
The/Ang Pintig
(School Publication)
Continuous Orientation
Every year
Old SHINe Members
with the adviser.
Norzagaray High School
Organized NNHS SHINe
Club in School
June annually
1st to 4th year
School fund for
Integrations of awareness
among the community of
Norzagaray and the
neighboring towns
July to August
1st year – 4th year ,
Department head,
subject coordinator,
School Fund and
Improved competencies
of SHINe NNHS through
school-based trainings /
October -
First year - Fourth Year
Local fund
Awareness to SHINe
program by posting of
website of NNHS Bulacan
SHINe through Net or
January -
Organize and facilitate
the school level contest
1. Essay writing contest
2. Poster making Contest
3. Quiz Bee
2nd week of
March annually
First Year - Fourth Year
Local fund and MDCC
V. Santiago High School
1. Echo Seminar of SHINe
1st week of
classes (June)
- DepEd (students
from all year levels,
school principal,
teachers and
Year 2011 - 2012
2. Climate change related
Year round
- DepEd (students
- do -
mitigating activities
  • ban the use of
    styro and other
    plastic material in
    school canteen
  • vehicles that are
    smoke belchers
    will not be
    allowed to enter
    the school
from all year levels,
school principal,
teachers and
  • recycling of
    g contest (school
    and community
  • Garbage
  • Tree planting
  • Conservation of
    energy program
Year round
- DepEd (students
from all year levels,
school principal,
teachers and
Year 2012

Raffle of various prizes by the PDRRMO complemented the conference event.

Conference in Pictures

v.santiago.hs drt.hs
Above, 3 delegates from V.Santiago HS doing their SHINe data presentation. DRT High School SHINE group doing their presentation (above)
FFHNHs quizbee
A girl duo from FFHNHS presented their
SHINe group data during the presentation
portion of the conference. (above)
Above, two teams of Shine group quiz bee
contestants from various schools prepare for
the said event.
SHINe group teams from the 9 schools prepare for the quiz bee event (above).
quizbee1 quizbee2
Quiz bee participants trying to solve a problem during the difficult stage of the contest.
plans.programs.1 plans.programs.2
Presentation of plans and programs for the coming year as presented by two SHINe groups above.

Awarding and recognition of Delegates

akle.hs ffhna.hs
The Akle High School delegates FFHNAHS delegates
Binagbag High School delegates
Norzagaray High School delegates
SJDM High School delegates Angat National High School delegates
The DRT High School delegates JJRussell High School delegates
Above, members of the Vedasto R. Santiago High School Quiz Bee team which placed 3rd overall in the said event.
Thank you to all the participants and delegates of the 9 schools in the 1st Bulacan SHINe Conference (Dec 06, 2010). For the SHINe group members who will be graduating year 2011, we wish you all GOOD LUCK! For the present and incoming SHINe group members, we hope to see you all in the 2nd Bulacan SHINe Conference.